A Golf Course is the best place to be

A Golf Course is the best place to be

CIg58MOWUAARaxQ  The rain has stopped.  Today was about as good as it gets in Iowa, temperature and wind just like living in San Diego without having to move to San Diego.  FYI – we have less traffic and some fabulous golf.  Especially at the Premier Stay & Play Golf Facility in Iowa.

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We just want to see people playing the best game there is in some of the best conditions there are.  And when you think about playing some golf, give us a call at 319.752.004

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

IMG_0752  For those that remember old Gomer Pyle, he used to say that phrase all the time.  Well one of our treasured Spirit Hollow residents did that last night in our NEW G.G. Conn Pavilion by having a wonderful SURPRISE birthday party for his lovely and loyal wife.  All those that attended got to see a surprised look on her face and a huge smile from his as he had been planning this for awhile.  Pretty cool event.

They were all treated to our

Let The LODGE at Spirit Hollow be a part of helping you create a lasting memory.  Call us at 319.752.0004 or go to our links to the

We are proud to say that “we are more than a golf course”.  Reserve your next memory at The LODGE at Spirit Hollow.

So you are tired of hitting that stupid slice

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So you are tired of hitting that slice?  Here is a little help when you need to hook it around that tree that you just sliced into from the tee.

Grip tighter with the right hand and form an X with your wrists.  Don’t hook it with your body – curve it with your hands.

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See you at the golf course.




This could have been your view tonight

This could have been your view tonight

IMG_0745  This could have been your view tonight.  What a gorgeous night it turned out to be after most of the day raining.  Remember that we have rates for those of you that can’t play early in the day or say, “it’s beautiful out let’s go play some golf”

  • Twilight rate is good after 4 pm for $35 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and $40 on Saturday/Sunday/Holidays
  • 9 hole rate is good after 5 pm for $20 – Wednesday through Monday

For more information on these and more of our rates please click link below…

See you at the golf course

US Open week stay out of the fescue

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It is Day 2 at the US Open.  Like you and we are all watching the golf here at The LODGE at Spirit Hollow.  So in order to assist you with your golf game this week’s golf tip is on hitting out of the tall fescue/native grass.

Final 3 days of our Father’s Day Sale so stop on out and buy dear old dad something – golf balls, shirt, gift card or a new driver.

Or how about a Stay and Play Golf Package?


Lunch at LAMBO’S

Lunch at LAMBO’S

IMG_0102 (2)  The summer is just a flying here at The LODGE at Spirit Hollow.  Stop on out and have a bite to eat at LAMBO’S.  The juicy LAMBO Burger is the best burger around.

IMG_0096 (2)  Try the Brisket Nachos.

All kinds of good eats as you sit in our wonderful sports bar overlooking the driving range.

You don’t have to be a golfer to enjoy this food.  Just bring your stomach and a few friends.

Father’s Day Golf Shop Sale

Father’s Day Golf Shop Sale

IMG_0567  Father’s Day is right around the corner.  So if you are one that plans ahead, our Father’s Day Sale started yesterday, June 10th.  For those last minute shoppers, the sale goes through Sunday, June 21st.  All of our merchandise is in and we have some neat gifts for you.  From something as simple as a Divot Tool/Ball Marker to new Spirit Hollow Headcovers to a golf shirt to a brand new PING G30 Driver.


Can’t decide what to get your dear old dad?  Never fear you can always get him a gift card.  You may purchase them in the golf shop OR its Sunday morning at 5 am and you just remembered you forgot to get a gift, go to our

This weekend looks great so take some time with family and come play a little golf.  Did you know that we have varied pricing for many age groups?  Our weekend Rack Rate is $79 – includes cart and greens fee.  But we also have rates for those that are ages 50-59 only $45, 60 and above is $40 plus our Twilight rate starts after 4 pm and is $40 on the weekends.  All prices include greens fee and cart.

Dreaded 50 yard pitch shot

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The dreaded 50 yard pitch shot.  Make some pre-swing adjustments to help in hitting this shot clean and crisp.  You get this and more from our weekly newsletter.  Go to our website and submit your name for our email newsletter

Or email me at gmason@spirithollow.com and we will get you on that weekly list.



Pavilion is packed

Pavilion is packed

IMG_0543  Great week here at The LODGE at Spirit Hollow.  Had a bunch of friends down from Waverly, Iowa to take advantage of our Stay & Play package.  Our new G.G. Conn Pavilion is hosting its first large event with a retirement party for four people.  Plus we had the Prep Tour for two day so junior golf.

If you want more information on our many venues go to…

Come visit us at Spirit Hollow where  “we are more than a golf course”.

IMG_0536   IMG_0537

Prep Tour Results

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Final round of the 2-day Prep Tour Golf Tournament was held at The LODGE at Spirit Hollow.  Thanks to all the competitors and their ring leader Sean Kennedy for allowing us to host these young golfers.  They were splendid guests.

Which reminds me, our Junior Golf Camp starts, go to this link to get more information