Iowa Section of the PGA is the BEST, PERIOD.

Iowa Section of the PGA is the BEST, PERIOD.

ipga-logo-5  All PGA Members like to talk about how good THEIR PGA of America Section is.  I will argue that the Iowa Section is at least in the Top 3 Sections – and for sure Top 41.  (FYI there are only 41).  But I jest.

A wonderful 2-Days of meetings, education and celebration at our Fall Meeting/Merchandise/Education Show at the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort.

Many hi-lights and included…

  • Key Note Speaker Jack Barber, PGA from Indiana on “Mentoring and Mulligans” – very inspiring
  • Fix your Back and we got a gift to save our backs
  • Splendid dinner with our many Iowa PGA Sponsors and Partners
  • Rich Richerson, PGA on “Finding our Why” in the golf business
  • Junior Golf Points Leaders are crowned and recognized
  • Mike Hall, PGA Head lining our 2014 Iowa Section Award Winners

Great to be a PGA Professional – especially in the Iowa Section of the PGA


Grawe, Juarez, Norton lead the way in 8th Annual Red Tee Open

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Fred Grawe defeated Ben Juarez and Dan Norton in a scorecard playoff in today’s 8th Annual Red Tee Open at the Waverly Golf Course.  All three players shot NET 61′s to overcome the 56 players that swallowed their pride and moved up to our MOST Forward Tees.  They get to use their Red Tee Handicap in this flighted event.

Fred Grawe, Brian Persson and John Feldick all shot gross 68′s.  All the players have enjoyed the Tee It Forward movement at the Waverly Golf Course when we started this event in 2007.  We now run a Spring Red Tee also.  So work on your game and come play in the Spring.

There were 4 HONEST People playing in this fun event, hehehehe.  Tim Kuethe, Dan Rector, Steve Egli and Dave McGrew all shot even par 70′s.

In the Beat the PGA Pro portion of the event – Mase rebounded from an early double on hole 12, his 2nd hole of the day to shoot 70.  He was also one of the honest one’s.

No sand in our shoes!!!

Thanks everyone that played today.  YOU MAKE US…

Ladies and Lefties are welcome at the Red Tee Open

Ladies and Lefties are welcome at the Red Tee Open

469787737  Ladies (Marilyn, Marti, Tina, Von, Diane) and Lefties (Dutch, a past Red Tee Open champion) are welcomed to play in the 8th Annual Red Tee Open tomorrow.  11 am Shotgun.  We are up to 56 players so far so might as well make it a Waverly Even Par of 70.

Just asking for a friend.  Let’s have some fun.

8th Annual Red Tee Open Prep COMPLETE

8th Annual Red Tee Open Prep COMPLETE

IMG_2947 Today I heard a lot of people say, “I don’t have to hit driver on the Par 3 – 2nd hole at the Waverly Golf Course from the Red Tees.  Kind of nice.”

IMG_2948  Or how about the John Deere Hole, Par 3 -12th hole – “I think the combine’s are safe today”.

IMG_2946  “A little different view from the Red Tees on #1.  All about the angles, all about the angles”

The Friday Afternoon Gang played from the Red Tees today in prep for Sunday’s 8th Annual Red Tee Open.  Mase also played earlier this morning in his prep for the Beat the Pro portion of the event.  He played in about 48 minutes and shot a smooth 76!!!

  • Or did HE???

You will have to play Sunday and see what Mase shoots against the field on GAME DAY.

Should be fun regardless.

Last chance to Beat YOUR PGA Pro

Last chance to Beat YOUR PGA Pro

resized_the-most-interesting-man-in-the-world-meme-generator-i-don-t-always-play-golf-with-jordan-but-when-i-do-i-beat-him-like-a-rented-mule-32d723  The season is coming to a fast close.  So this Sunday is your LAST CHANCE TO BEAT YOUR PGA PRO until the 2015 Season.  

  • Like a rented mule
  • Sorry that it isn’t OUR Jordan in the picture but I believe it is the MJ Jordan not JD – Jordan.

You must Beat Mase, PGA.  Though some of you do WISH you could beat Jordan.  Good Luck!!!

You GET your RED TEE HANDICAP and MASE will play scratch.


Did you EVEN know that we have all 4 of our tees rated for your handicap?  Learn something new every day, never too old to learn.

Mase, in the 8 years we have played this event, has shot anything from 67 to 75.   SCRATCH, NO HANDICAP and he SKIPS around to play with each group.  He has shot 74 and WON.  Has shot 68 and lost.  One never knows how LUCKY each of your can get.

51 BRAVE soles have signed up for the quest to BEAT THEIR PGA PROFESSIONAL.  11 am shotgun on Sunday.  Call the Shop, 319-352-1530 and let’s get it on and above all HAVE FUN, PLAY WELL!!!



Updated G3 Tour Money List in this weeks newsletter

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It is Wednesday so our Weekly Newsletter is out for you to look over.  It gives you the updated G3 Golf Tour Money List that Jim Trask (pictured), information on our final two events of the year – Red Tee Open (with the Beat the Pro/Mase Event), the Chili Open, results from last weeks 1-Person Best Shot and our Near the End of the Season Sale with optional Putting Challenge to save even more.


See you at the course!

What a view on my Drive Home

What a view on my Drive Home

IMG_2943 When you see this, it reminds you that there is a God.  Boy it was prettier than the picture I took.  Also reminds me that after 4.5 inches of rain today at the Waverly Golf Course – that OUR Farmers will be getting back into their fields.

  • Please, please, please give them some room as you drive home.
  • They are working some long days and may not see you.
  • Give them the thumbs up versus a honk or well, you know…

With that said, don’t forget our Red Tee Open on Sunday.  11 am shotgun, call the shop for your foursome and come BEAT THE PRO, that’s ME.  If I shoot 68 like I did last year and still get beat by 70% of the field, I will cry.  But I bet 68 beats most of the field on Sunday.

See ya Sunday and I hope I get a great view on my way to work and on my way home from work tomorrow!  Be safe and as Hayden Fry used to say, “ANF”



Brian Persson wins the 1 Persson Best Shot

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Brian Persson defended his 2013 title in the 1 Person Best Shot by shooting a 65 (5 under) and winning in the card back against Gary Nichols (65).

Players were given the option of playing a 2nd shot.  But if they did, they had to play that shot.  Made for some interesting decisions.  Still not too late to take a playing lesson with your PGA Professional on THOUGHT PROCESS on the Golf Course.

Thanks to all the 25 hardy players that played in this year’s event.

The race in the G3 Golf Tour Money List is heating up with only two events to played this year.

Beat the Pro is next week, this week is the 1 Person Best Shot

Photo on 2013-11-18 at 17.11  Mase is studying his plan to defeat all comers in next weeks – Beat the Pro – RED TEE OPEN.  But there is another FUN event first.

  • Your assignment…

…as a warm-up for next week is to play in the 1 Person Best Shot at the Waverly Golf Course on Sunday, October 12th.  It is an 11 am shotgun.

Weather looks good tomorrow – so give JD a call at the shop tonight or Mase tomorrow AM – 319-352-1530.

Or if you look at the weather tomorrow, go to early church, get the okay from your spouse (better yet, bring he or she to the event), stop on out and we will find space for you.

Beat the Pro – RED TEE OPEN is next week.  Bring your best game TOMORROW.

Since Mase was soundly defeated in 2013 and is looking for revenge a better showing – HE IS A STUDYING every angle, every issue and will set the pins so that the pins are fair!!!  Not tricky, but FAIR.  Sorry Eric they will be FAIR!!!

  • Must think of  “while we are young”.

This challenge does includes YOU, Dutch Whitney.  You were solid in 2012 and DUCKED MASE in 2013 – something about hunting or harvest, don’t remember but you ducked me.

Dutch – bring your left handed game to the party.


Video of the Putting Challenge

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Want to get another 10% OFF?  20% OFF?  Your Waverly Golf Course purchases?  Come on in and do a little shopping and then at the time of the sale we will give YOU one putt to get an additional 10% OFF.  Make that putt and you get a 2nd putt.  Make that one and you get another 10% OFF.

Watch the video you can see Mase making 3 of them in a row.  So it can be done!!!