Ice Bucket Challenge is DONE

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Mase was called out by Chris Thomas, PGA and Executive Director of the Northern California Section.  Chris was called out by Past PGA President Tom Addiss.

The challenge was answered with the help of our Juniors that are in our advanced Junior Golf Class at the Waverly Golf Course called…

Thanks for the assistance.  Now that Mase has answered the challenge it is now issued to the Officers

Dick Specht, Dave Schneider, John Valliere and Aaron Krueger.  If you do not respond within 24 hours you must pay $100 to the

Game on and MAN UP!!!

Newsletter, Men’s Invite and Ladies’ Invite

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It is Wednesday so we have our weekly Waverly Golf Course newsletter available for your viewing.  Covered in news is tee times for the Men’s Invite, Ladies’ Invite and 4th of July coverage.

See you at the course sometime this week.

81st Annual Waverly Men’s Invitational this weekend

WaverlyGCLogoColorfinal  Can you believe that we are hosting the 81st Annual Waverly Men’s Invitational?  Yep this event started in 1933.  We have had guys like MIKE BENDER, PGA, yep that guy, the dude that coaches Zach Johnson.  That was his LAST AM WIN before he turned professional.

We will have 176 players tee it up for two days of golf at the Waverly Golf Course.  The players play 18 holes of golf on Saturday – then we flight them for Sunday’s round of golf based on Saturday’s round.

We will crown an Open Division Champion and our 2nd ever Senior Champion.

Should be fun!

Great to be a part of GIVE Foundation

Wonderful to be a part of golf that assist others in life.  Had our board meeting today at Riverside for the…

Thanks to the Kehl family, the VA, the Iowa PGA and all that have assisted over the years to not only impact Veterans lives BUT their families.  We changed the Mission Statement to include the families as our Leader, Jim Dickerson, PGA and retired Military, said we are doing as much for the Veterans as the families.

Did you know that Jim Dickerson retired from the military and then the next day applied to be a PGA Apprentice?  He is now a PGA Members.  Now he has combined BOTH passions – military and the PGA – as our lead instructor at the GIVE.


4th of July – ANOTHER HOLE IN ONE!!!

4th of July – ANOTHER HOLE IN ONE!!!

6968  It is the 4th of July so we might as well have another HOLE IN ONE at the Waverly Golf Course.  Stu Thorson on Hole #6 during the WAGOCO 4th of July Couples EVENT.  Congrats Stu.  Go to the club website for more details and pictures of today’s event…

DAY 2 for the 4th of July SALE – many items are 40% OFF in the PRO SHOP.  So I know you have had your EYE on something in the shop so now is the time.


4th of July Sale, WJGA and a HOLE IN ONE

4th of July Sale, WJGA and a HOLE IN ONE

IMG_2044  Today the Waverly Golf Course hosted the Junior Golfers that belong to the

One of the young ladies, NIKKI McDERMOTT, made a HOLE IN ONE on our 2nd hole.  It was Nikki’s FIRST ONE.  More pictures of Nikki and the other golfers are at

4th of July can only mean one thing – 4th of July Sale in the Waverly Pro Shop.  The sale will start tomorrow and run through next Friday.  I believe EVERYTHING has a sale price of some kind.  Jordan David has done a great job of displays in our pro shop.  Here is his 4th of July THEME in the window.

Fun Couples Event, Friday Couples results and THANKS for the wishes

Fun Couples Event, Friday Couples results and THANKS for the wishes

Photo on 2014-06-28 at 17.33 #2  THANKS for all of the Birthday wishes at the Waverly Golf Course, Facebook, texts and phone calls.  Very Appreciated.  We as PGA Professionals are so lucky in that we get to share our lives with so many and that is WHY SO many of us continue to do what we do – live at a golf course.  WE LOVE WHAT WE DO because of people like YOU.  THANKS.  FYI – it is the 20th anniversary of my 29th birthday – you do the math, my wife has!!!

The picture is me at Yosemite Falls today, well kind of, don’t you love technology?

WOW, we had a fun Couples Event with 3 teams shooting 63.  Thanks for playing and braving the threats of weather.  Shows you that you should just go to the Waverly Golf Course and DON’T listen to the weather people.  ’Cuz you never know.

Results from the Friday Couples Event where they used a tennis racket to tee off #1, a baseball bat to tee off of #3 and a Tri-Golf Putter to putt with on #9.  Thanks for playing.  We are taking next week off due to the 4th of the July.

Waverly City Championship is on July 19 – SIGN UP IS UP AND GOING, call the shop for your tee time.

Coupon, Coopin, Coopun’ from the Waverly Pro Shop

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Here is the weekend Coupon, Cooin’, Coopun’ that you may use to save some money on your favorite golf items.  Shirts, golf bags, shoes you name it we have a discount for you at the Waverly Golf Course Pro Shop.

Newsletter, Couples Golf and can you believe…

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Can you believe that the 4th of July is NEXT WEEK?  Me neither.  Where is the summer going?  Seems like we were fighting snow only a couple of weeks ago.  So to prepare you for some of the goings on at the Waverly Golf Course you can view our weekly newsletter…

See you at the course this week.


FEAR?  Two 12 Year olds REMINDED ME why GOLF is so GREAT

FEAR? Two 12 Year olds REMINDED ME why GOLF is so GREAT

IMG_0264  Two 12 year olds reminded ME today WHY Golf is the greatest sport.  It is also a game of a lifetime.  You may not see this on the basketball court, soccer pitch, ball diamond or on the gridiron.

THESE 12 year olds inspired a PGA Pro to near tears today.  I was so proud of them and Sam.


  • You are 10 years old
  • Never played in a Golf Tournament

Definition of fear?

Like going on your first date.  Driving a car for the first time.  YOU NAME IT, IT HAS FEAR involved.  Sam was NOT wanting to play.

But he needed to play 9 holes of golf and turn in a scorecard in order to qualify for the State Event at Lake Panorama National Golf Course

Sam Butler from Mason City (pictured) is that 10 year old.  The two 12-year olds, Joe Dean and Charlie Lorenz from Cedar Falls INSPIRED ME TODAY.  Sam and Joe had to play 18 holes from the White Tees to qualify for our

Sam had to play 9 holes from the red tees, BUT REMEMBER, it was his first event.  For those three and the parents that witnessed the 9 holes played by that threesome.  CLASS is all I can say about Joe (left) and Charlie (right).


They helped Sam along for the whole 9 holes.  Encouraged him.  Assisted him via the Rules of Golf.  AND IF YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN THERE…any GOLFER would have been proud (some of you would be embarrassed as YOU would not have acted like these two 12-year olds did) to watch how GOLFERS HELP EACH OTHER.

Though we battle each on the course WE FEEL EACH OTHER’S PAIN and Joe and Charlie remembered that they had played THEIR FIRST TOURNAMENT not too long ago.

Thank you to Joe and Charlie for showing that MAN KIND is KIND and especially on the golf course.

Pictures are at

Video, once I upload are at or go direct to qualifier

UPLOADED short version.  We captured most of the swings if you wish please email MASE at


and I will send you YOUR Kids swing.